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Did you know that by having your carpet cleaned you prolong the life of your carpet? Everyday soil that is tracked in on your feet can damage the carpet fibers.  Routine vacuuming and cleaning your carpets on a regular basis will help your carpet last longer. Imagine the soil that is tracked in on your feet... it acts like sandpaper on your carpeting.  Over time this can break down your carpet fibers and produce those unsightly traffic lanes.



Other Services Available:                              Environmental Considerations:
Business & commercial Cleaning                    • CRI Certified    
Area rug & Oriental rug cleaning                ____  Green seal Certified cleaning Products
RV, Cars & Boats                            _____________  Indoor Air quality approved
Gift certificates available                    ____________     Non-toxic

A safer way to clean carpets using powerfull all natural cleaning products with no harsh cleaning chemicals, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic.           

Why Soap Free?

Carpets stay cleaner longer
No soapy sticky residues
No rapid resoiling
Dries faster
Feels softer

Pet Treatment-  Minor conditions can be handled with an enzyme surface treatment.  Major conditions usually require pad replacement and floor treatment in addition to treating the carpet.

Carpet Protectors- Protect your carpets from dirt & stains with our scotchguard protectant which is loaded with acid-dye resistors to provide excellent stain resistance.   The stain-guard that comes with your new carpets begins to wear away after a few months of steady traffic.   Our scotchguard protectant can be applied after cleaning to replace the spot-fighting power and help keep your carpets looking cleaner between routine professional cleaning appointments.

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